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Legal Assistance
of Washington County

FOR 40 YEARS, LAWC provided competent legal representation and legal advice by experienced lawyers in civil matters, for Washington County residents who could not afford a private attorney.

Legal Advice Clinic

The LEGAL ADVICE CLINICS  began as a  collaboration between Legal Assistance of Washington County, Washington County Court Administration, Washington County Law Library, and the Washington County Bar Association.

Volunteer attorneys at the clinic will provide free legal advice and review completed court forms in family law matters such as marriage dissolution, child support, domestic abuse, paternity issues, child custody, parenting time, and spousal maintenance.  (They will not be able to provide guidance on criminal or juvenile matters, civil (non-family), probate, termination of parental rights, driver’s license issues, child protection, conciliation court, or housing cases.)

Court customers will be able to meet with an attorney for up to 30 minutes.  The Legal Advice Clinic is free. Customers must either be a Washington County    resident or involved in a Washington County District Court case to participate.  Use of the clinic will not result in a formal attorney-client relationship.

The clinic is currently open on Tuesday afternoons.  Appointments are required and can be made by calling   (651) 430-6296.  Legal Advice Clinic - more info

WE ALSO HAVE A CIVIL (non-family law) LEGAL ADVICE CLINIC - use the link above for more information !!!!

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